Libya Update: Gaddafi, Saif Threaten Opposition with“Rivers of Blood”

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Moammar Gaddafi

The protest in Libya has turned for the worse as an undetermined number of people died in the hands of  Moammar Gaddafi’s army. International news sites report, February 23, about the worsening crisis where Gaddafi and his son, Saif al-islam al-Gaddafi, threatened those who took to the streets “rivers of blood,” in order to hold on to power.

Unlike Egypt and Tunisia, Libya remains weakly attached to Western countries. It has survived for so long without so much intervention from other countries that employing economic sanction and warnings from the rest of the world, including Hilary Clinton, proved to be useless. These all remain unheeded. The fact that International press members are not warmly welcomed in Libya makes it difficult to keep abreast with the actual events. Snippets of conversations through some tweets and some mobile uploads are the sources of news reports.

Internet is inaccessible and news blackout is in place. In spite of warnings from other world leaders, Libya remains unaffected. If Egypt has its Facebook and Twitter revolution, Libya has no venue to lean on. The Libyan army stays loyal to their leader, Gaddafi. Presumably, they are willing to slaughter people to keep Gaddafi in power.

While previously, Saif, was looked upon as the hope of Libya for a less authoritarian government, his recent proclamation about “rivers of blood” to keep his father in place has squelched all hope for a more democratic Libya.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi appeared for a few minutes on TV to show that he has not left Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

Fighter jets are allegedly used against protesters, and the Libyan people are gradually being silenced by Gaddafi’s army.  Since Libya is one of the major players in the oil industry, the global economy continues to slide down, while oil prices increase.

The world “watches” helplessly, through a fog, as the horror continues in Libya, and there is nothing world leaders can do about it unless they declare war on Gaddafi.

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