Li Li: China guard dog guards bike of owner, later rides at the back all by himself (Video)

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A guard dog in China was recently spotted watching over his owner’s bike standing like a person, as shown in the video below, and later climbed at the back of the bike all by himself after his owner rode on it.

China dog guarding owner’s bike
Image Credit: ALCREW/YouTube

As described by YouTube user ALCREW, Li Li, a Golden Retriever, is a local celebrity known for standing guard over the bicycle of its owner, who leaves the bike and the dog on the side of the street, with passers-by cannot help but noticed the guard dog and even take photos and videos.

According to ALCREW on the description, the video was filmed by his girlfriend on Sunday, April 22, 2012 and the scene was taken in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Province, where Li Li is being dubbed as the ‘Bike Hugging Dog‘ due to his unusual habit.

On the first part of the video, which was uploaded last Sunday, April 30 and has now over 70,000 views, Li Li can be seen watching over his owner’s bike and standing like a human, holding the rear part of the parked bicycle using its two front paws; until the owner came and prepared to leave the area.

Apparently, the dog waited eagerly until the owner rode on the bike, and later Li Li climbed at the back of the bike all by himself; and to the amazement of onlookers, the guard dog barked as if telling to his owner that he is fine and is ready for the journey back home.

Dog guards owner’s bike and later rides with him
Video Credit: ALCREW/YouTube

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