Levitating magician Dynamo Pepsi Max commercial secret revealed (Video)

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Levitating magician Dynamo appeared on a Pepsi Max commercial, as shown in the video below. The Dynamo Pepsi Max ad was made in London and was uploaded at YouTube this Monday, June 24, 2013 and went viral. But after scrutinizing carefully, Dynamo‘s secret has been apparently revealed.

Levitating magician Dynamo Pepsi Max ad

Levitating magician Dynamo at Pepsi Max ad
Image Credit: Pepsi Max video

“Warning: Dynamo is a trained professional. Do not attempt to re-create any activity performed in this video.’ A statement reads on the start of the Pepsi Max commercial, which was followed by short narration of the English magician, whose real name is Steven Frayne and is famous for his “Dynamo: Magician Impossible” documentary.

“It was one of those crazy things. I threw out the idea to Pepsi and they loved it and then a couple of days later we were doing it. The people on the ground were going crazy. And all the people on the bus as well. All I could see was a row of camera phones pointed me.” Dynamo was quoted telling to Daily Mail this Tuesday.

On the said video, Dynamo appears to be floating outside of the right portion of a running bus, traveling the streets of London. His right arm can be stretched out and his right hand was touching the top of the bus. He is not stepping on anything and his body is relaxed. At one point, he can be seen holding a cell phone on his left hand.

However, a report at News.com.au, it appears that the mystery behind the so-called levitating magician has been solved. Allegedly, Dynamo is not really floating magically in air, and it seems that the arm touching the bus is not his real arm. The paper’s social media fans told them that the fingers on his right arm is not moving.

“The arm is in fact a metal pole that has been fastened to the bus and is supporting Dynamo‘s weight while he holds on. Dynamo‘s real arm is in tucked inside his chest.” A statement read on the Australian’s news site this Wednesday, along with the photo allegedly showing a fake arm that was used in the Pepsi Max ad.

Pepsi Max commercial, featuring levitating magician Dynamo
Video Credit: PepsiMax/Youtube

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