Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Wasikowska Lead the List of Forbes Top–Grossing Actors for 2010

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Wasikowska lead the list of Forbes Top–Grossing Actors for 2010. This was released by Forbes.com this December 2010.

DiCaprio, although not winning big in the acting department for his films, his two films made a colossal  $1.1 billion worldwide. Shutter Island and Inception granted DiCaprio this distinctive honor.

Mia Wasikowska, the sweet but courageous lass who starred in Alice in Wonderland, came in second. Her film earned $1.03 billion in the box office.

Johnny Depp was third with his movies, The Kids Are All Right and The Tourist have earned a little less than Wasikowska‘s, $1.03 billion.

Robert Downey Jr. ranked fourth with his Iron Man 2 and Due Date grossing  $808 million.

Daniel Radcliffe is 5th and his film is still being shown worldwide. The complete list of the Top Ten Grossing Actors for 2010 include:

1.   Leonardo DiCaprio

2.     Mia Wasikowska

3.     Johnny Depp

4.     Robert Downey, Jr.

5.     Daniel Radcliffe

6.     Robert Pattinson

7.     Kristen Stewart

8.     Sam Worthington

9.     Jaden Smith

10.  Jackie Chan

This is a video of an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio by Movies.ie

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