Lebron Jordan Inc (LJI) sues Lebron James and Michael Jordan

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A sneaker line company called Lebron Jordan Inc (LJI) is now suing NBA superstars Lebron James and Michael Jordan for $150 million each, TMZ reports.

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Lebron Jordan Inc, a company not related to Nike, Lebron James and Michael Jordan, sued both NBA players for allegedly destroying its business name.

Apparently, the company accused the representatives of Michael Jordan at Nike and Live Nation of threatening to sue LJI if it does not stop selling basketball shoes under the name of ‘Lebron Jordan‘.

As noted by TMZ, LJI filed the lawsuit on Monday, March 7, in a federal court in New York, insisting that their company has all the rights to market its shoes using the ‘Lebron Jordan‘ name.

In addition, the company emphasized that no one had trademarked the words Lebron and Jordan together, and that ‘you could not even find that name combination on Google‘.

Back in Jan 2010, LeBron Jordan Inc. released a press release clarifying that the company is a subsidiary of Gotham Dating Partners Inc., an online social networking company, and not in any way affiliated with Nike, Jumpman, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

However, the company also admitted that it aims to compete with Nike and Jumpman with its new LeBron Jordan product line, in which their products can only be bought via their website LeBronJordan.com.

Incidentally, LJI said that there will be 15 logos that customers can choose from as their full line will be fully launched on January 2012.

Lebron Jordan Inc was initially launched on September 2010, with Aaron Fraser from Brooklyn, as its CEO, who claims that Lebron and Jordan are the names of his godchildren.

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