LeBron James bumps Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: Accident or done deliberately? (Video)

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LeBron James bumps Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra as a video was uploaded at YouTube and created some noise, but the question that has been circulating online now is that, was it an accident or done deliberately?

On that game on Saturday against Dallas Maverick, the start of the second half was not good for Miami Heat, who dropped to 9-8 on the season after losing for the third time in four games, as the Heat lost in a 106-95 game.

For the bump incident, it happened during a third-quarter time out while LeBron James was approaching the bench as Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra walking slowly through him.

In the video, either of them seemed to be avoiding each other that might have been missed the bump, but Spoelstra felt it hard as his suit jacket nearly came off from his shoulder.

No one had apologized to someone, which makes the Heat fans wonder that the bump may have been a kind of message-sending to each other that time after things seem to be falling apart.

Below is the YouTube video of the bump between LeBron James and Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, and be the judge.

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