Leap Year babies to celebrate rare birthday on February 29, 2012

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Leap Year babies around the world are going celebrate their rare birthdays on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, which happens only every four years and sometimes even eight years.

As noted at various international news websites on Tuesday, millions around the world will be celebrating their birthdays this coming February 29, a very rare occasion and sometimes can be confusing.

According to reports, Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies (LeapYearDay.com) co-founder Peter Brouwer, who turns 56 on Wednesday, said that there are around 5 million Leap Year babies around the world and around 200,000 of them are Americans.

“We’ve had about 10,000 people sign up. We have a kid’s page, a parent’s page, teacher’s page. We have people from all over the world.” Brouwer was quoted telling to Voice of America, noting that there are a lot of problems being born on a leap year.

“My life insurance policy. I have to say that I’m born on March 1st because their computer doesn’t accept February 29th. There’s also issues with drivers licenses. One year my license expired on February 29th but it wasn’t a Leap Year.” Brouwer added.

Apparently, Facebook does not recognized February 29 every year and friends of users with birthdays falling on this date receive a note on February 28 that the birthday is the next day, but will not receive a note the next day unless it is a Leap Year.

Based on the Leap Year rule, leap years occur every four years, except those ending in double zeros, such as 1900 and 2100, with the exemption rule that years ending in double zeros that can be evenly divided by 400, such as 1600 and 2000, are also leap years.

With this, Leap Year babies do not have birthdays from 2096 to 2104 since there is no leap year in 2100, and therefore will not enjoy enough birthday cakes but notably will be younger than they should be.

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