Laurent Gbagbo sworn in as President of Ivory Coast, despite Alassane Ouattara winning the election

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Laurent Gbagbo sworn as President of Ivory Coast, but Alassane Ouattara won the election on November 28, according to international news sites.

Incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo was reported to have sworn on Saturday, despite the fact that the election results apparently revealed that Oppositon candidate Alassane Ouattara won.

This is after the country’s Constitutional Council made an overturn on the election result on Friday, which declared the election was invalid due to widespread vote-rigging.

On the other hand, some top government officials including Ivory Coast Prime Minister Guillaume Soro believes that Alassane Ouattara won and apparently said he will resign if Gbagbo will sworn in.

Most former rebel fighters in the Ivory Coast have been supporting Ouattara, while the government’s armed forces are backing up Gbagbo.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are just among the world leaders who say that Alassane Ouattara‘s victory must be respected and Gbagbo should concede.

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