Latest research: Mona Lisa eyes may reveal code to discover model’s real identity

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A latest research is saying that Mona Lisa‘s eyes may reveal a code to discover the model’s real identity, according to international news sites on Monday.

Apparently, an Italian researcher suggests that the the eyes of the 500-year old Monalisa painting has a code that may finally reveal the real identity of the model that was used by Leonardo Da Vinci.

According to Silvano Vinceti, the president of National Committee for Cultural Heritage in Italy said that Da Vinci most likely painted tiny letters of Mona Lisa’s eyes and cannot be seen by human eyes.

With the help of high-resolution images, Vinceti said that letters LV are painted in black on green-brown in Mona Lisa’s eyes, which are none other than the initials of Leonardo Da Vinci.

However, the Italian researcher announced that it is interesting to know that the left eye is hiding what could be the Mona Lisa code.

Mr Vinceti suggested that the letters B or S, or possibly the initials CE, were evident, which is a very important clue to know the identity of the model of Da Vinci’s most popular painting.

In earlier theories, the model was often named as Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine merchant. But Vinceti do not agree, and insisted that Da Vinci may have painted the Mona Lisa in Milan.

“On the back of the painting are the numbers ’149′, with a fourth number erased, suggesting he painted it when he was in Milan in the 1490s, using as a model a woman from the court of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan,” Silvano Vinceti said.

The Italian researcher said his final conclusions will be announced next month.

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