Largest Pliosaur: Sea Monster Found In Dorset On Display At Dorset County Museum

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Pliosaur Skull Fossil
Pliosaur Skull Fossil In Dorset
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The skull of one of the world’s fearsome Pliosaur was found in Dorset, according to a BBC News report on Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Kevan Sheehan discovered the 155-million-year-old fossil between 2003 and 2008 as they fall from the cliffs near Weymouth.

It took 18 months before the remains of the “scariest animal that lived in the sea” was removed from its rocky casing.

The fossil was initially just a group of bones but was patiently put together to reveal its true form. Reports say that the “sea monster” is available for public viewing at Dorset County Museum.

Richard Edmonds, Dorset County Council‘s earth science manager for the Jurassic Coast, said that “this skull is 95% complete, and probably one of the largest and certainly one of the most well-preserved and complete pliosaurs ever found anywhere in the world.”

Image Credit: Mark Witton

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