Largest 600-Year Old Chinese Ming Dynasty Vase Found By Cadbury Worker May Fetch $1.6 Million In Auction

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A 600-year old Chinese Ming Dynasty vase that was discovered by a Cadbury worker is expected to fetch more than £1 Million or $1.6 Million at a Dorset Auction, according to a BBC news report on Thursday, February 3, 2011. The blue and white Ming vase was delivered at Dorset Auction house in a cardboard box.

Chinese Ming Dynasty Vase
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According to Duke and Son Auction house, the near-perfect Chinese Ming vase measuring 11.5 inches (29cm) in height is the largest ever recorded from a rare group of early Ming “moonflasks.” It was believed to be manufactured during the reign of Emperor Yongle between the years 1403-1424. The Ming vase appears to be influenced by Islamic design features small loop handles.

The seller of the Ming vase is a 79-year old anonymous British retired Cadbury chocolate factory worker who “lives modestly and has been interested in antiques for many years.”

The vase is scheduled to be put in auction in May, 2011. Duke expects to get bidders from wealthy collectors from both Asia and the Middle East.

Below is the description of Guy Schwinge, spokesperson of the Dorchester Auction house, about the six century old Chinese Ming Dynasty vase.

When my colleague initially showed me what had arrived in a cardboard box I could not believe my eyes.

The vase is in perfect condition and it is amazing to think that it has survived unscathed for almost 600 years.

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