LanguageWerks releases free Holiday cards translating to 15 different languages

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LanguageWerks announced its release of free-to-download Holiday Cards in fifteen languages, in time for the Christmas season this year.

On a post on their official website on Monday, LanguageWerks said they recently designed six different Holiday Cards with locally correct holiday greetings translated in 15 different languages, and can be downloaded for free.

According to their pdf file press release, these holiday cards which are designed in-house using software called Indesign, and can easily be customized by their clients.

Since their service is global, the company said direct translation to different languages is not simple and may even cause negative impressions for the recipient of the cards.

“Ineffective and inaccurate translations perpetuate the notion that you don’t understand other cultures. Or worse, have no interest in understanding diverse cultures.” LanguageWerks Managing Director Rick Woyde said.

“Local holiday greetings vary from country to country, translating “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” will only make you look like a foreigner.” Woyde added.

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