Lady Gaga to perform ‘Judas’ on Ellen DeGeneres show, music video to premiere on American Idol

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Lady Gaga is set to perform ‘Judas’ for the first time, and will be on the Ellen DeGeneres show, as its music video will premiere on American Idol.

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“So excited to perform my new single ‘Judas’ on Ellen this Thursday for the 1st time! Haus of Gaga working away. Pop culture is our religion.” Lady Gaga tweets a few hours ago.

Apparently, this was also announced by Interscope Records on their Twitter account, and revealed that Lady Gaga will sing her latest song ‘Judas’ on Wednesday, April 27, but later said that it will be on Thursday, April 28.

Meanwhile, MTV announced that the ‘Judas’ music video will be released on the week of May 2 on the American Idol, where Lady Gaga will play as Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus to play as Judas.

“It’s a phenomenal video: really powerful, really impactful,” Lady Gaga’s creative director Laurieann Gibson was quoted as saying..

“She’s such a strong, committed artist. Her loyalty to me is something I will be forever grateful for. We’re spiritually connected.” Gibson added, who is the co-director of the pop singer in the ‘Judas’ music video.

‘Judas’ is the second single of Lady Gaga for her forthcoming album ‘Born This Way’ which will be released on May 23.

Earlier, rumors spread that the ‘Judas’ music video may be released on Easter Sunday which was attacked by Catholic League through its president Bill Donohue.

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