Lady Gaga sister Natali Germanotta makes her own fashion

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Natali Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s younger sister is making her own fashion and is not using the pop superstar’s style but supports her all the way.

Natali Germanotta and Lady Gaga
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As noted at People on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Natali Germanotta is not interested in copying the fashion style of the her big sister, Lady Gaga but rather establishing her own.

Germanotta, 19, who just finished high school, appeared in a cameo role in the ‘Telephone‘ music video last year and accompanied Lady Gaga in the CFDA 2011 Fashion Awards.

Recently, Lady Gaga’s sister also appeared in the September issue of Teen Vogue magazine and talked about her herself and her opinion on Lady Gaga’s fashion.

“Ever since we were kids, my parents gave us the freedom to be ourselves.” Germanotta was quoted on the interview, noting that she supports her older sister on whatever fashion style she likes.

Germanotta also recalled helping Lady Gaga to decide on what she should wear for her recent high school graduation ceremony in Convent of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls school.

“She asked me, ‘Should I dress really conservative and look not like myself, or should I do it over-the-top and freak everybody out?’ And I was like, ‘The latter, definitely the latter.'” The Parsons The New School for Design fashion student reportedly said.

“The teachers were like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t handle this family.” Natali Germanotta added, with the ‘You and I‘ singer slammed by the press for showing up that day wearing her unique fashion.

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