Lady Gaga releases Gagavision No. 43, reveals more details on Born This Way album release (Video)

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Read Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ music video released

Lady Gaga released Gagavision No. 43, and revealed more details on ‘Born This Way’ album May 23 release, as shown in the video below.

Lady Gaga: Gagavision no. 43
Image Credit: LadyGagaOfficial/YouTube

Gagavision No. 43 was released by Lady Gaga herself via her Twitter account on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, which is 4:11 YouTube video and contains more details about her forthcoming album ‘Born This Way’.

Born This Way is who I am. An artist in a constant state of half-fantasy/half-reality at all times.” Lady Gaga tweeted a few hours before she released the latest Gagavision video.

Lady Gaga shared her thoughts on the video about the April 15 ‘Judas’ leak and called it a “slow death” and also included a possible preview of another track from ‘Born This Way’ album.

“The greatest challenge in writing Born This Way is I had to become confident and secure in myself,” Lady Gaga said on her forthcoming album.

“I had to leave my insecurity behind, whatever residual scars behind. I spent two years delivering deep into my wombs; the blood transfusion.” The pop star added.

“A slow death! Just put me out of my f—ing misery, just put that sh– out. They were tearing [the song] limb for limb. First it was the arm of the song, then the liver. …” Lady Gaga said on the recent ‘Judas‘ leak.

Earlier, Catholic League president Bill Donohue appeared on Fox TV and attacked Lady Gaga and the rumored release of ‘Judas’ music video this coming Easter Sunday.

As of this writing, Lady Gaga have not yet announced the actual release date of the ‘Judas’ music video, although it is now available at iTunes for download.

Lady Gaga – Gagavision no. 43
Video Credit: LadyGagaOfficial/YouTube

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