Lady Gaga In Her Meat Dress Fashion Style In 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

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First time in MTV video music awards for a music icon to show up in meat dress and that is no other than Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga shocks 2010 MTV video music awards for her meat dress attire who won multiple Moon Men trophies including video of the year.

Aside from her meat dress, she is also wearing a meat shoes or boots whatever you call it. To add accent to her meat dress is a meat hat? I just can’t imagine how she smells wearing her meat dress, meat boots, meat purse and hat.

Lady Gaga was featured posing on the September cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, the boundary-pushing singer wears nothing but pieces of raw meat strung together to create a dress-like design. Does her Vogue September cover inspires her to wear meat dress in MTV’s video music awards instead of a lovely gown or a much decent dress?

Here are some photos of Lady Gaga in her meat dress attire. Photo courtesy of and

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