Lady Gaga Born This Way music video released

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Lady Gaga released her much-awaited ‘Born This Way‘ music video on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 11 a.m. (EST), as shown in the YouTube video below.

Lady Gaga Born This Way music video
Photo Credit: LadyGagaVevo/YouTube

The ‘Born This Way‘ single is a part of Lady Gaga’s album which will be released on March 23, 2011, wherein she made a grand entrance in the recent Grammy Awards night, literally ‘hatched’ from an egg.

According to entertainment news sites, the sci-fi-inspired 7:20 music video was directed by Lady Gaga herself, along with her longtime choreographer Laurieann Gibson and fashion photographer Nick Knight.

“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster,” Lady Gaga narrates in the first part of the music video, while a unicorn and pink triangles flashing on the screen.

“On GOAT, a government owned alien territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But the birth was not finite. It was infinite.” Lady Gaga continued.

The pop star’s lengthy voice-over narration lasted more than two and a half minutes of the music video, while showing ‘giving birth’ in space.

Apparently, Lady Gaga seem to be telling the history of human race through a symmetric vision about the new birth of humans.

Afterward, the pop star sang and danced showing some skin, along with some back-up dancers, and later appeared wearing a skeleton costume and sang with ‘Zombie Boy’ on the side, whose real name is Rick Genest.

As reported earlier, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ became the fastest selling single in iTunes, after receiving more than 1 million downloads worldwide in just five days.

Lady Gaga Born This Way music video
Video Credit: LadyGagaVevo/YouTube

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