Lady Gaga’s Fascinating Egg Shell Entrance at the Grammy in Her Nicola: Haus of Gaga

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Lady Gaga emerging from her egg shell
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Lady Gaga never fails to make a grand entrance. After the raw meat outfit in the MTV Video Music Awards last September, she arrived at the 53rd Grammy Awards in “incubation”. She entered the red carpet enclosed in a fascinating giant egg shell, which she called “Nicola: Haus of Gaga”.  This was reported by entertainment sites on February 13, 2011.

Apart from the occasional waves of an indistinguishable gloved-hand, the pop star could barely be seen inside the alien looking shell. Black-eyed attendants dressed in gold carried her on the way to the red carpet.

According to the singer /songwriter, “Gaga is in incubation”. This is in preparation for the much awaited TV debut of her new single “Born This Way”. When she went on stage, she came out in a dazzling yellow rubber dress, seemingly newly ‘hatched’ from the egg.

The egg shell entrance is only one of the many times that she surprised the audience with her bizarre fashion style. She usually flaunted outrageous outfits made of bubbles, blood-red laced dress and Kermit the Frog.

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