Kylie Ferguson Finds 33-Million-Year-Old Saber Tooth Tiger Skull In Badlands National Park in South Dakota

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Kylie Ferguson

Kylie Ferguson Finds 33-Million-Year-Old Animal Skull
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A 7-year-old girl reportedly found a 33-million-year-old animal skull while on vacation in South Dakota. The girl was said to be Kylie Ferguson who stumbled the fossil at the Badlands National Park when she and her family went on a summer vacation last year.

According to the National Park Service transcript, the 33-million-year-old animal skull is one of the most amazing fossils ever found at Badlands National Park. It was said to be a rare saber tooth tiger skull which turned out to be a museum-quality, scientifically significant specimen.

Dr. Rachel Benton of National Parks Service said that the fossil is very unique because of the incredible preservation of the skull. The skull was reportedly preserved in limestone for 33 million years in which the cat’s teeth were fully intact.

Reports said that the skull was marked by unusual bite marks, creating a mystery around the animal’s death.

“Probably two animals were in mortal combat over territory and hopefully with the CT scan we’ll get some extra info and be able to determine that,” Benton was quoted saying.

According to reports, the skull went in for a CT scan on Thursday at the Rapid City Regional Hospital. The X-rays will then be sent to the South Dakota School of Mines, where they will be used to build a model of the skull.

Meanwhile, Kylie’s parents were happy and excited that their daughter can take part in solving the mystery.

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