KWK Promes Designs Safe House Under Master Architect Robert Konieczny (Photos)

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Safe House by KWK Promes
Safe House by KWK Promes
Image Credit: KWK Promes

Polish architectural firm KWK Promes has designed a concrete home called “Safe House” with movable exterior walls which was made of concrete and steel. The “Safe House” idea has been created to give a sense of security to their customers, according to reports.

Robert Konieczny was said to be the master architect of the house which transforms into an impenetrable two-level concrete fortress. Every part of the house is movable from the concrete walls, inner walls, shutters and aluminum entrance gate. The house will open or close with just a touch of a button.

The Safe House structure was built on a plot of 2,500 square meter with a floor area of 566.5 meters, situated in a small village at the outskirts of Warsaw in Poland.

Here are some of the photos of the Safe House designed by KWK Promes which was said to have been nominated for a World Architecture Festival Award. (Click next page for each photo.)

Safe House-by KWK Promes
Close mode of the house, all the windows and entrances were closed. Concrete compound wall has also been added to give their client the maximum security that they want.
Image Credit: KWK Promes

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