Kris Aquino meets James Yap in court on child issue

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Kris Aquino meets James Yap in court, after a month of absence. Both simultaneously attended a hearing that concerns their child Baby James, in which the popular PBA star’s request about his visitation rights on his son.

After a close-door hearing, Makati City Regional Trial Court Judge Cristina Javalera-Sulit granted the request on a three-days a week chance.

It will be during Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; and that the child can be brought by James Yap on Wednesday if there is basketball game.

Furthermore, the child can be with his father Friday overnight until Saturday.

But then, Kris Aquino says she is falling apart and calls “ending a marriage is hell”. On her Twitter account as reported in GMA News 24 Oras, the TV host said she is still crying about his separation with the two-time MVP basketball player, James Yap. The resolution will start this Friday night, the court said.

While Kris admits that both of them have shortcomings as husband and wife, she said they still have a chance to be good parents to Baby James or Bimby.

President Noynoy Aquino’s youngest sister added that she was once asked by Baby James when she was seen crying, and she told her child that “Papa and Mama are fighting”. But the innocent child replied as a wake-up call to her, that “You’re brave, Ma”.

Kris still through her Twitter account said that “I asked if he wanted his papa to come back to live with us and he said mama dito tayo (then he said name of condo where we live) papa ko sa other house pero friends tayo no more away-away.” (Papa can live on the other house but there should be no more quarreling but be friends instead)

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