Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Exchanged Heated Words during their Christmas Game

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Kobe Bryant and LeBron James exchanged heated words during their Christmas night game, December 25, 2010 as reported by International sports news.

Bryant and James are considered two of the most popular NBA stars of the season and their team Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat respectively had played for basketball fans who had expected more from Bryant and his teammates. Bryant did not deliver though, saying they were too complacent and that they should “nip” that behavior “in the bud.”

The defending champions also lost to Milwaukee Bucks by 19 points, and their Christmas game was a defeat as well with Miami Heat scoring 16 points ahead of them. This may have frustrated Bryant and had caused him to commit an offensive foul during the fourth quarter of the game. This prompted an exchange of words between Bryant and James.

Miami Heat’s LeBron James outplayed Kobe Bryant with his 27 points, 5 of them- 3pointers and with an astonishing 11 rebounds and 10 assists. This is against Kobe Bryant’s 17 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists.

It can be remembered that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James became fast friends when they were teamed together for the Olympics. That friendship would probably survive words spoken in the heat of a game.

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will still play next week against formidable teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz.  The realization that they are not invincible would prod the Lakers to change their attitude and focus more on the game for this 2011 season.

This is a YouTube video of the Los Angeles Lakers during their Championship Parade for 2010.

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