Kitten Trapped In Statue Rescued By Firefighters

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A kitten trapped inside an Abraham Lincoln statue for three days was rescued by firefighters, several international news sites reported on Monday, November 19, 2012.

Abe, the 3-week-old kitten

Abe, the rescued kitten
Image Credit: WKMG

According to reports, the 3-week-old kitten was trapped inside the Lincoln statue at the Presidents Hall of Fame in Clermont, Florida. On Sunday afternoon, the Humane Society and Minneola Fire Department drilled a hole in the statue to rescue the cat, according to WKMG, a CBS affiliate.

“I dont see how a little kitten, a 3-week old kitten could have gotten up there. It couldn’t crawl up there,” Daniel Davis of the Humane Society reportedly told the station.

The cat was later named “Abe.” It was reportedly treated for dehydration and is being expected to make a full recovery. John Zweifel, the museum’s curator, is hoping to adopt the cat, reports said.

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