King Abdullah to Buy Facebook for $150 Billion?

By on Feb 28, 2011 in Current Events, Middle East, Opinion, Weird Comments

Tehrantimes reported that King Abdullah, Saudi Arabian King, who had recently come back to Saudi Arabia from a medical treatment in Morroco, apparently tried to buy Facebook for $150 Billion dollars. It aims to stop the different out of control revolt that is now happening in the Middle East.

Reports also say that King Abdullah had a personal meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on January 25, 2011, and the latter said he will not allow revolt pages in Facebook.

However, he earlier allowed Egypt and Libya protests to be voiced out through Facebook pages that were created.

Nobody could confirm the said offer as well as the meeting if it is true or an online hoax.

It should also be remembered that Goldman Sach had agreed to add 50 billion dollars valuation to Facebook last January.

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