Kim Delaney’s Speech Gets Her Booted off Stage; ‘Army Wives’ Star Played Role, Reports Say (Video)

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American actress Kim Delaney’s speech gets her booted off stage when she talked disorientedly about her role in ‘Army Wives’ as if they were real. Delaney delivered her speech in a faltering manner, at the Liberty Medal Award for Defense Secretary Robert Gates. This was reported by US news sites, September 23, 2011.

Apparently, Kim Delaney’s disoriented speech focused on her role in ‘Army Wives,’ where she ‘attended funerals’ and the like. She later told the stunned audience she was talking about her role in ‘Army Wives.’ This got the audience confused and uncomfortable.

Reportedly, she was escorted off stage before she could finish her speech. There is still no response from Kim Delaney’s side about the incident.

Kim Delaney, 49, played Jenny Gardner in ‘All My Children,’ Detective Diane Russell in ‘NYPD Blues,’ and presently portrays the role of Claudia Joy Holden in ‘Army Wives.’

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