Kilauea Volcano Erupted After Pu’u O’o Crater Collapsed At The Volcano National Park In Hawaii (Video)

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Kilauea Volcano Pu'u O'o Crater
Kilauea Volcano Pu’u O’o Crater
Image Credit: AP/Dailymail

One of the world’s most active volcano, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii had reportedly erupted after the floor at the Pu’u O’o crater collapsed on Saturday.

According to international reports, Kilauea volcano has been in constant eruption since January 3, 1983 and just this Sunday, March 6, 2011 the volcano shot lava 65 feet into the air. The eruption was said to be the “new evidence of eruptions and further unknowns,” as stated by the U.S. Geological Society geologist Janet Babb.

Meanwhile, there were reported incidents of small earthquakes felt before the volcano’s eruption. It was also reported that a 535-yard long fissure was opened on a separate region of the volcano.

The Hawaii Volcano National Park has closed its Chain of Craters Road, Kulanaokuaiki camping site and all the east rift zone and coastal trails. No homes were reportedly threatened by the eruption and there’s no campers being harmed, according to reports.

A raw video of Kilauea Volcano eruption was uploaded in YouTube by Associated Press.

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