Kilauea Hawaii Volcano: Live Views of Kilauea’s Fissure Eruption Possible via Webcam By USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

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Hawaii Volcano Kilauea Eruption
Kilauea Hawaii Volcano Eruption
Image Credit: Tim Wright/AP

It was recently reported that Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii had erupted on Sunday. To monitor the volcano’s activity, the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory installed a webcam to view the Kilauea‘s fissure eruption. The webcam images was said to be updated every five minutes.

According to international news, scientists were closely monitoring the hightened activity of the Kilauea Volcano after a fissure opened on the other side of the volcano which sent lava spewing 65 feet in the air on Sunday.

It was said that another crater called Napau began erupting which lead authorities to close a campsite at Napau crater and nearby roads.

Live viewing of Kilauea volcano eruption can be accessed at

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