KFC goes boneless, KFC Original Recipe boneless chicken to be available on April 14 (Video)

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KFC goes boneless; as the world’s most famous fried chicken restaurant being set to introduce its Original Recipe boneless chicken a week from now. Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded by Colonel Harland Sanders during the Great Depression, said that they will now get rid of the chicken bones. A KFC boneless chicken video ad is available below.

KFC boneless chicken

KFC Original Recipe Boneless ad
Image Credit: KFC.com

According to a press release by KFC this Friday, April 5, they will start offering their deep-fried boneless chicken, hand breaded skinless pieces of both white and dark meat chicken, to their customers in the US on Sunday, April 14, 2013, as an alternative to its usual breast, thigh, and drumstick pieces.

“Our customers have seen the beginning of a menu revolution at KFC over the past several months, as we’ve introduced new, contemporary products such as Original Recipe Bites, Chicken Littles, Li’l Bucket Kids Meals and Dip’ems.” John Cywinski, President of KFC U.S., was quoted at KFC.com.

“Now we’re proud to introduce the flagship product on the KFC menu, Original Recipe Boneless. This is more than just a promotional product; it’s a new way of doing business at KFC.” Cywinski added, with KFC saying that Original Recipe chicken continues to get good reviews from costumers.

“We’ve never seen such positive reaction to a test product. Original Recipe Boneless is a real game-changer that transforms how customers think about KFC. Bottom line, it’s a big idea and we’re going to have some fun with it.” Cywinski explained further.

As noted by KFC, the two-piece Boneless Combo will cost $4.99, which includes a piece of dark meat, a piece of white meat, a biscuit, an individual side item, and a medium-size drink. Likewise, 10-piece mixed bucket, which includes 4 pieces of Boneless (2 white and 2 dark), and 6 pieces of chicken on the bone for $14.99.

To promote its latest menu, KFC will be releasing two 30-second commercial videos that will feature an “I Ate The Bones!” theme, which was created by Draftfcb Chicago, and directed by Academy Award-nominated Director David O. Russell, along with production company Wondros.

KFC boneless chicken ad
Video Credit: KFCColonelSanders/YouTube

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