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Kevin Villanueva graduation photo on parents’ graves goes viral on Facebook

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Manila, Philippines – A college graduation photo on parents’ graves, as shown below, is now going viral on Facebook. Kevin Villanueva recently graduated from Colegio San Juan de Letran Manila, where he took up Information Technology. He posted the photo on his official Facebook page on Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Kevin Villanueva graduation parents graves Facebook

Kevin Villanueva on graduation attire, sitting beside
his parents’ graves

Image Credit: Kevin Villanueva Facebook

“Akala nyu kayo lang ang may picture kasama parents nyu ha ๐Ÿ™‚ pero ma pa this is for the both of you i hope that you are proud of me.” Kevin Villanueva wrote, attaching a photo of himself in graduation gown and cap, sitting beside his parent’s graves, smiling in front of the camera, while holding his graduation flowers.

(So you thought youโ€™re the only ones who have a graduation photo with your parents ๐Ÿ™‚ But mom, dad, this is for both of you. I hope that you are proud of me.)

Last Tuesday, the said photo was posted on the official Facebook page of Fhejhe Pasalgon, who wrote that background of the photo is what makes it very touching. The original photo has now nearly 6,500 Shares and 601 Likes, while the same photo on Pasalgon‘s page has now 16,325 Shares and has 237, 363 Likes.

“I just want to express my love to my parents, but I did not expect the reactions from people. They really make me very happy.” Villanueva was quoted telling to GMA News in their report today, Thursday, April 4, adding that his aunts, Maria Teresa C. Jalbuena and Jacqueline V. Calumba helped him finished college.

Kevin told the report that his mother committed suicide in 2002 when he was 10, noting that she suffers from a nervous break down every time she forgot to drink her medicine; while his father passed away when he was a college freshman. He said that his friends were also a big help.

“It’s hard to think that my parents are gone. But then, all I did was I did not think of it as a burden but as an inspiration for me to finish my studies,” Villanueva added, whose graduation photo received tons of wonderful comments on Facebook and served as inspiration to students.

“If there are problems, convert it as your inspiration to reach your goals in life. Determination, perseverance, and inspiration are things we should have to be a successful person. One person has a choice to go the bad way or good way. But my choice is to do the good way, which is why I am getting this kind of love.” Villanueva said on his message to students.

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