Kert Gartner Wins Gizmodo’s “Moving Photos” Contest Using Cinemagraphs (Photo)

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Kert Gartner, a Photoshop Certified Instructor, wins Gizmodo’s Photography Contest using cinemagraphs. His entry shows a girl seated near the waters, while the “moving” gentle waves play at her feet., conducted the contest, June 29, 2011.

Kert Gartner’s Entry
Image Credit: Kert Gartner

Cinemagraph is photography that blends still objects with motion – like an animated GIF– but better. Kert Gartner works as a 2D compositor for Hollywood Feature Films and mans the New Media Manitoba Training Lab. His entry which was shot at Patricia Beach, Winnipeg Canada was among the ten finalists chosen by Gizmodo.

The Gizmodo Shooting Challenge is a regular photography contest that varies according to the different subject genres. The past challenges included “Shooting Challenge: From Above,” and “Shooting Challenge: Summer Solstice.” For August 17, 2011, the contest is on for “Shooting Challenge: Shadow People.”

Kert Gartner said about his entry:

“…Rather than take a bunch of stills, I’ve found it makes a lot more sense to take a bunch of video and piece together the cinemagraph from that.”

Among Gartner’s works are the Card Hunter Teaser Trailer and many others. For the rest of the entries, you can view them at Gizmodo.

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