Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Gift Certificates, Do They Allow People to Make Bad Choices?

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Queensland-December 12, 2010. Health experts have strongly opposed the gift certificates’ promotion by the international food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC. The cards are worth $10 to $500. This is according to

The increasing percentage of the state’s population becoming obese has prompted the health experts to worry.  Michelle Trute, the CEO of Diabetes Australia Queensland said that the gift certificate made it “easy to make bad choices.”

In the local front, KFC continues to offer its “Finger lickin’ good chicken.” Many Filipinos like its scrumptious taste, just as good as advertised. Consumers however should know how often to eat a pure fat diet and how to put in some good food for balanced nutrition.  Gift certificates are also offered to customers. This can range from a free sundae, to a free food upgrade.

KFC has a lot to offer when it comes to good food too. It has vegetable salads which customers can opt for.  Of course, the body needs fried chicken, but not every day.  The idea is to be a smart diner, and to eat a balanced diet by choosing wise food-combinations when eating at KFC.

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