Kenny Rogers on Cameron Newton recruitment: I never asked for money

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Kenny Rogers, a former Mississippi State Bulldogs player who was reported to have allegedly asked for money during the recruitment of quarterback Cameron Newton, denied the accusation, according to USA Today on Saturday.

According to the report, Kenny Rogers was interviewed at 103.3 ESPN on Friday night, and he said that he ‘never asked for money’, referring to the investigation of NCAA about an alleged money solicitation.

“Heck no,” I’ve never done that.” Kenny Rogers apparently said on the interview, and added that a school never paid him for a kid.

On earlier news reports, a certain quarterback named John Bond, Rogers’ former teammate was said to have been declaring that a representative of Cameron Newton allegedly asked for a six-figure payment last year, to favor the latter’s recruitment.

“He said it would take some cash to get Cam,” Bond apparently said, as published at ESPN. “I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it.”

Apparently, the representative of Cam Newton was said to be Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982-85, and currently operates Elite Football Preparation, a Chicago-based company.

Meanwhile, Cameron Newton, who plays for Auburn Tigers as quarterback, was also reported to have denied the accusation and claimed that he ‘didn’t do anything wrong’.

The price involving the accusations that Cameron Newton would play for Mississippi State Bulldogs was said to be about $200, 000, according to the earlier news.

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