Kenneth Tong Twitter ‘Size Zero Pill’ campaign draws criticism

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Big Brother 10 contestant Kenneth Tong has a campaign on Twitter for women called ‘Size Zero Pill and Campaign’, and now draws criticism including that from Hollywood celebrities.

Below are among Kenneth Tong’s tweets (@MrKennethTong) convincing girls and women to be skinny, while being fat seems to be a sin.

“Making time to do the global interviews, the world needs to hear my message. I believe managed anorexia & my product, the Size Zero Pill.”

“@KhloeKardashian We’ve met a few times, but you’d be perfect as a Size Zero – I’ve launched a new Size Zero Pill. I’ll send it to the shop?”

“Thankful for this global opportunity to help girls all over the world know that to be skinny is to be perfect & to be fat is unacceptable.”

However, a lot of Twitter users seem to disagree with his campaign including top entertainment personalities.

Rihanna tweets: “This is exactly why girls are doing everything to destroy their bodies! Girls are dying all over the world because of ignorant individuals like this!”

Simon Cowell tweets: “It seems the disease that is Kenneth Tong still hasn’t disappeared. I genuinely recommend everyone tweet – #NoSizeZero”

Noted British chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay tweets: “Just want to make it clear to everyone that I do not support Kenneth Tong‘s campaign. Thank you for all your messages.”

Actress Sophia Bush tweets: “Dear @MrKennethTong, you are not inspirational. You’re a model for self-hate. You should encourage confidence & uniqueness.”

Rochelle from The Saturdays said: “Your tweets are upsetting a lot of people, including myself! It’s very vile! Twitter isn’t meant for people like you!!”

Apparently, the former reality TV star continues to use Twitter for his ‘Size Zero Pill‘ campaign and even answering back to personalities who are against him.

“Worldwide Trending & I am more popular than Rihanna according to Polls, perhaps she could use my Size Zero Pills?”

Kenneth Tong: making the youth of today more self conscious and thinner, even without the support of Gordon Ramsay or Rihanna.”

“You hate me cause I am right.”

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