Katy Perry Video On Sesame Street Too Provocative

By on Sep 24, 2010 in Entertainment, Television Comments

Katy Perry singing Hot N Cold on Sesame Street with Elmo will not air on television after several complains from parents who have viewed her teaser video in YouTube. This is because of Perry’s outfit that parents perception is not appropriate for children show.

Perry is wearing a dress with sheer panel top that went all the way up to her neck, however at first glance it is like she is wearing a tube dress that reveals her cleavage. Parent’s who viewed the video is just concerned with their children and they think that it is too provocative for younger audiences.

As a response, Sesame producers have decided to take down the scene from the broadcast version of the program. However, the video clip remains online at Katy Perry‘s Website for her mature fans to watch it. According to the producers, they value their viewers’ opinion particularly those of the parents.

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