Katie Holmes and The Kennedys Finds Home At ReelzChannel Network

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Katie Holmes and the whole cast and crew of The Kennedys finally found their home at ReelzChannel network, according to reports by entertainment sites. As reported, The Kennedys mini-series will soon be on US TV station starting on April 3, 2011.

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The Kennedys, a $30 Million eight part mini-series that will feature the life of the Kennedy family, was axed by the History Channel in the early part of January this year. Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the assassinated American president John F. Kennedy, is reportedly the main reason that led to the cancellation of the series from the History Channel.

Greg Kinnear will star as John F. Kennedy and Katie Holmes as First Lady Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Holmes is reportedly a big fan of the former first lady. She was very upset with the cancellation of the mini series in January.

The Kennedys mini-series have raised the ire of critics due to perceived historical inaccuracy in the script.

ReelzChannel network is reportedly broadcasting to about 60 million US homes.

Showtime, Starz and FX have declined the airing of The Kennedys.

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