Kanye West Coachella 2011 Elevated Performance In Indio Desert (Video)

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Kanye West Coachella 2011
Kanye West Coachella 2011
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Kanye West performed in Coachella 2011 30 feet above several thousands of fans in Southern California‘s Indio desert using a crane, according to reports by several entertainment sites.

While elevated, Kanye asked the crowd with a musical question, “Can we get much higher?” The rapper then performed several hits like “Power,” “Dark Fantasy,” and “Devil in a New Dress.”

Reports say that Kanye‘s flying performance has topped the Coachella 2004 act of the Flaming Lips‘ man-sized plastic habitrail ball and the Coachella 2005 show of Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy where he descended to the stage suspended upside-down in a vampire bat straitjacket.

Coachella 2011, kicked-off on Friday, April 15,  is a three-day grand music festival with several musical performances that includes Arcade Fire, Lauryn HillKings of Leon and Cee-Lo Green.

Below is a YouTube video in one of Kanye West‘s Coachella 2011 performances uploaded by dunnyy718.

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