Justin Bieber meets his twin wax figure in London museum (Photo)

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Justin Bieber met his twin wax figure in a London museum on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, as shown in the photo below, according to entertainment news sites.

Justin Bieber and twin wax figure
Image Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images

Apparently, the Justin Bieber wax figure still wears the iconic hair of the teen idol since it was made before the ‘Never Say Never‘ pop star decided to have his widely-talked about haircut.

‘It’s pretty incredible to see. As you can see, you know, I’m at least six feet taller than this guy.” Justin Bieber told reports as he jokingly compared himself with his wax replica.

Posing with his look-alike wax, Justin Bieber posted on Twitter a photo of both of them together. “TWINS! lol!” The 17-year old pop superstar tweets.

The Justin Bieber twin wax figure, which is displayed at the Madame Tussauds museum in London, wears a red and black checkered polo with both hands inside the pants front pockets.

“So we really wanted to make sure we made a ‘moment in time’ figure,” Museum spokesman Liz Edwards told reports, noting that the real Justin Bieber may be quite different since it took 8 months to create the life-size wax model.

“But it’s the hair that everyone is paying the biggest attention to. So, I’d say it’s the hair that’s been the biggest challenge.” She added.

As of this writing, there are two other Justin Bieber wax figures, one in New York and the other in Amsterdam.

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