Justin Bieber look-alike in Australia fools screaming fans from hotel window (Video)

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A Justin Bieber look-alike in Melbourne, Australia recently fooled screaming girl fans from his hotel window, as shown in the video below. Coincidentally, the teenage boy and the real Justin Bieber are both staying on the same hotel that time.

Justin Bieber look-alike, waving to the crowd below
Image Credit: millyengland/YouTube

“My cousin is staying at Justin Bieber‘s hotel.” A statement reads on the description on the YouTube video, which was uploaded by a certain user named millyengland on Sunday, July 15, 2012. The same video was later posted on social networking site Reddit and received mixed reactions.

Apparently, the Justin Bieber look-alike, who was wearing a shirt under a patterned knit jumper along with tan pants, came closer to his hotel window, while his cousin is recording the video. He later looked down on the street, where a crowd of Beliebers (Justin Bieber fans) are patiently waiting to catch a glimpse on their idol.

The Australian “Justin Bieber” then waived his right hand, and the Beliebers, who probably thought he is the real “Boyfriend” singer, screamed on top of their voices and some of them shouted his name. He later waived his left hand and walked away from the window.

However, his cousin requested him to go back to the window, saying that he wants to capture the group of Beliebers on video; which he did. The loyal fans can be heard screaming again, as they looked very small from above since they were staying on a high floor of the hotel.

According to Australian news sites on Monday, Justin Bieber, who later met some of his fans and signed autographs and posed for photos, is staying at The Olsen hotel and will stay in Australia for 3 days to promote his latest album ‘Believe’.

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Justin Bieber look-alike in Australia
Video Credit: millyengland/YouTube

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