Justin Bieber Facebook Account banned without notification

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Justin Bieber Facebook account was banned without notification, and it is for real, reports say.

However, he is not the 17-year old teen idol Justin Bieber that girls are screaming for, but a 35-year old man from Florida who apparently had the same name.

Although it may seem nice to have similar names with top celebrities, this is not always good, just like what happened to the older Justin Bieber.

According to news, the 35-year old Justin Bieber had a 6-month old Facebook account before it was banned.

Reports also said that Facebook had canceled the older Justin Bieber’s account without any notification whatsoever, not even a note if he was suspected for allegedly using a fake name.

But while his Facebook account was still active, he admits feeling inconvenient having Justin Bieber as his name.

“I can’t sleep at night because my phone rings constantly with fans of the teen pop star on the other end.” The Justin Bieber from Jacksonville said.

He then changed his phone number and put it in his wife’s name, but it still was put on a Bieber fan website, the report said.

Afterwards, the older Justin Bieber got even more calls with about 50 messages in two hours, while the poor man just unplug his phone most of the time.

Apparently, Mr Justin Bieber’s Ping account was also said to have been temporarily banned, shortly after Apple recently launched social network for iTunes users.

There were no reports however, if the older Bieber will decide to change his name since the online world does not seem to like having two Justin Biebers around.

Nevertheless, Justin Bieber’s tragic his experience with social networking sites do not come far when people recently met the Mark Zuckerberg who is not a Facebook fan.

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