Julie Schenecker in Tampa, Admitted She Shot Her Two Children

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Julie Schenecker, who allegedly admitted she shot her two children, is in police custody for two counts of first degree murder.  Tampa local news reported, January 28, 2011.

Schenecker said she did it because her two kids “talked back at her.” Tampa is shocked and a-buzz with the double tragedy in their midst.  Her children were Beau, 13 years old and Calyx, 16 yrs old; both described to be “good” kids.

Julie Schenecker had planned to shoot herself as well, but the police officers have caught her at the back porch covered in blood. Her husband is in the military assigned in Qatar.

Psychologists surmised that it may have been also because of a “conflict over the children’s independence,” that prompted Schenecker to do the violent act.

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