Jon Bon Jovi Proves He Is Still Alive (Photo)

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After an internet hoax circulated that rockstar Jon Bon Jovi recently passed away, a photo of Jon Bon Jovi came up on Monday, December 19, 2011 to prove that he is still alive.

Jon Bon Jovi‘s photo, as shown below, was reportedly captured by his photographer friend, David Bergman. On the photo, Jon Bon Jovi smiles in a Christmas tree background holding a sign that says, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey, Dec 19th, 2011, 6:00.”

Jon Bon Jovi Is Alive
Jon Bon Jovi Proving He Is Still Alive
Credit: David Bergman /

“I happened to be with Jon Bon Jovi when we heard rumors of his death. He’s alive and well and I shot this to prove it,” Bergman reportedly tweeted on Monday evening.

The internet hoax about Jon Bon Jovi‘s death was first published on a WordPress blog, dailynewbloginternational, reports said.

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