John Tyner’s refusal to go full body scan at San Diego Airport Audio Video goes viral

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John Tyner, a software engineer who refused to go for full body scan at the San Diego airport on Saturday, November 13, recorded an audio video of his story and now it goes viral.

According to his quite long story on his blog, his refusal to go for full body scan including his private parts ended in a debate with airport officials since he feels that it is invasion of privacy.

Apparently, the airport official said that he may be sued with a fine of $10,000 if he continues to decline the airport’s screening procedure and leave the airport.

He uploaded his three-video (audio) story on YouTube which has now almost 240,000 views as of this writing, and it eventually reached the office of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) the next day.

As being heard in the video, in which one of them can be viewed below, John Tyner said, “”If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

Meanwhile, CNN reported that TSA on their website said that ‘strict privacy safeguards are built into the foundation of TSA‘s use of advanced imaging technology to protect passenger privacy and ensure anonymity’.

“Images from the scans cannot be saved or printed, according to the agency. Facial features are blurred. And agents who directly interact with passengers do not see the scans.” The statement added.

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