John Stone: Car salesman who was fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie at work (Video)

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John Stone, is a car salesman who claims he was fired by his boss on Monday, for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie at work, a day after the Packers won over the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl NFC championship game.

According to US news sites on Tuesday, John Stone came to his office at the Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, Illinois on Monday, when his manager Jerry Roberts required him to remove his Green Bay Packers tie, otherwise he will be fired.

Green Bay Packers tie
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At first, the 34-year old car salesman thought his boss was only kidding him, but Stone was called upon again to take off his tie; and he was ordered five times before he was eventually fired after refusing to obey.

Stone, who announced publicly that he is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, told the news that he wore that tie to honor his 91-year old grandmother who passed away days before the game, and was surprised with the decision of his boss.

“I didn’t know you could get fired for wearing a tie. I’m supposed to dress up. I’m a car salesman.” John Stone told the news.

Stone, who lives in Roseland, Chicago, is now earning fame as several news began to interview him left and right, including ESPN, as shown in the video below.

“I didn’t know all this publicity was going to come with this. But you know what? It lets me know who has my back.” Stone said on another interview.

Meanwhile, Jerry Roberts, who fired John Stone was interviewed separately and admitted his action.

“I don’t feel that it was appropriate for him to go directly in contrast with an advertising campaign that we spent a lot of money on,” Roberts said, adding that the dealership had previous promotions involving the Chicago Bears.

Nevertheless, John Stone may have a new job sometime soon, after he was offered the same job by a car dealership manager, while a live interview with the car salesman in going on.

Guy Cesario, general manager of Chevrolet of Homewood apparently offered a job while Stone was being interviewed on WGN-Ch. 9.

“I think it’s ridiculous, and I felt bad for the guy, because he doesn’t deserve not to have a job.” Cesario told the news, adding that a plan to meet with Stone that day or next is now being prepared.

“Good salesmen are so hard to find…. To put somebody’s livelihood in jeopardy because of a tie is just idiotic.” Cesario added, as he learned that his dealership has already received calls from residents of Wisconsin who are interested to buy a car through Stone.

John Stone interview
Video credit: ESPN / YouTube

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