Jesus Misspelled On Vatican Commemorative Medals (Video)

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Jesus misspelled

Jesus misspelled
Credit: Omniroma

Jesus misspelled medals, meant to commemorate the inauguration of Pope Francis, has been recalled by the Vatican. The Jesus misspelled medals went on sale at the Vatican Publishing House in St. Peter’s Square on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

Italian State Mint accidentally misspelled Jesus as “Lesvs” in the Latin phrase “Vidit ergo Jesvs pvblicanvm et quia miserando atqve eligendo vidit, ait illi seqvere me” printed along the edge of the medals. The State mint mistakenly used “L” instead of “J.” Reports say that “v” was used in purpose to replace the “u.”

The minted medals bearing the misspelled Jesus name were broken down into 200 pieces of gold, 3,000 silver and 3,000 bronze.

The Vatican immediately issued a recall order when they discovered the mistake. Experts say that the mistake will surely make these rare medals more valuable in the future.

Below is a video of the Jesus misspelled Vatican medals.

Jesus misspelled
Credit: CBS

If you happen to buy one of these Jesus misspelled medals, will you be returning them to the Vatican?

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