Jesus look-alike kicked out from a Dart tournament, after crowd laugh at him (Video)

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A so-called Jesus look-alike fan was kicked out while watching a Dart tournament in England, as shown in the video below. The man, who was wearing a beard that resembles that of Jesus Christ, was watching the game being aired live via ITV4 but was later escorted by the sports security guards outside the venue.

Jesus look alike Nathan Grindal

Jesus look-alike Nathan Grindal
Image Credit: Adam Gerard/

According to the Daily Mail on Thursday, December 13, 2012, the Jesus look-alike man, who was identified as Nathan Grindal, was watching the Cash Converters Players’ Championship with his friends, along with around 4,000 dart fans, when someone was heard shouting, “Stand up if you love Jesus”, pointing at him.

As noted in the report, some of the fans started to laugh when they noticed Grindal until the game between Phil Taylor and Kim Huybrechts was being distracted. With the game abruptly interrupted, he was escorted by six guards to a nearby pub, where he watched the rest of the game.

“It was all very weird and distressing. I didn’t break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught. They were bullying me and picking on me, saying that I was someone else. It would have been okay if the security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out of the arena.” Grindal was quoted in the report, who moved from Australia to Oxford six years ago.

“In his post-match interview, Phil Taylor said something like ‘if I ever see Jesus again, I’ll crucify him myself.’ Now that’s just hurtful. I love darts, but I’m worried about ever going to see it live again, just in case the crowd turns on me like they did last time.” The 33-year old Jesus look-alike dart fan added.

“I didn’t go to the darts dressed as Jesus – I went as me.” Grindal explained further, noting that he started growing his beard four months ago. Professional Darts Corporation spokesman Dave Allen later said that the crowd seemed to be uncontrollable, which is why the security decided to eject from watching the game.

Jesus look-alike fan Nathan Grindal, being escorted by authorities outside a Dart tournament
Video Credit: jonmillsswns/YouTube

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