Jessica Simpson brings in sister Ashlee as co-creative director for new Tween Clothing Line (Video)

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Jessica & Ashlee Simpson
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Sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have announced a new tween clothing line as they take their talents to a whole new level outside the confines of the music industry, as reported by various entertainment news sites, June 2, 2011.

Apparently, Jessica is not a new comer in the fashion world as she has been engaged in the retail business of clothes and shoes for quite some time now with sales expected to reach $1 billion by next year.

As reported, Jessica and Ashlee are poised to take over the tween market, targeting kids with ages 7-16 years old.

Jessica was reportedly quoted by Women’s Wear  Daily saying, “Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand.”

“I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.” She adds.

On the other hand, related reports reveal that Ashlee, who separated from her Fall Out Boy hubby, Pete Wentz, in February, points out, “My goal as co-creative director will be to design clothes that will help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion.”

Simpson Sisters Launch Tween Line

Video Credit: enews/YouTube

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