Jennifer Aniston as French maid on Ellen show soap opera; reunites with “Friends” co-stars, dad (Video)

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Jennifer Aniston dresses as French maid when she recently appeared on a special soap opera of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as shown the video below. But what is more entertaining is the special cameo role of veteran actor, John Aniston, Jennifer‘s father. She was also reunited with her former co-stars on “Friends,” Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, with the video also available below.

Jennifer Aniston French maid dad

Jennifer Aniston as French maid and her dad John
Aniston on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s soap

Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

As introduced by Ellen on her show, the title of the 4-minute soap is “The Tales Of Our Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” and the first scene featured Ellen, who plays as Dolly and wears tacky golden dress, along with a short brown wig role of Dolly. A male character with a fake mustache named Paco sits beside her in a sofa, and the two acted like they are into a forbidden relationship.

Shortly after the man left, a female character named Polly (Polyester Wellington) appeared. She was Ellen‘s sister on the soap and was played by Portia de Rossi, Ellen‘s real life wife. Polly showed Dolly a fake mustache and told her that the maid found it in her bedroom. The usual dramatic scenes of soap opera followed, except that they were funny and the crowd loves it.

Dolly immediately called her housekeeper named Janet, played by Jennifer Aniston, who was dressed as French maid and even spoke French dialogue. Dolly appeared to be confronting Janet, and once again, there was slapping on the face and supposed dramatic scene that turned out comical.

Later, someone knocked on the door and it was John Aniston, who is also known for playing the on and off role of Victor Kiriakis, which he portrayed on NBC‘s daily drama TV series “Days Of Our Life” starting 1985. The audience applauded for his rare appearance. Mr. Aniston, now 79, revealed to Polly and Dolly that he is not their biological father, and that his real daughter is the French maid, Janet.

Jennifer Aniston and her dad embraced and brought more delight to the crowd. To ease the “pain” of the two sisters, Mr. Aniston said told them that he was able to find their biological mother, who later appeared and hugged them. The entire cast bowed in front of the audience and they received a loud applause.

Earlier, a “Friends” reunion happened via a short video clip exclusively made for Ellen‘s show. On that scene, Jennifer Aniston visited Matthew Perry, who played as Chandler Bing on “Friends.” Jennifer eventually learned that Courteney Cox (who played Monica Geller) was there. To add surprise, Ellen and Portia were also there.

Jennifer Aniston as French maid, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show soap with dad
Video Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

Jennifer Aniston reunites with “Friends” co-stars for Ellen DeGeneres Show
Video Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

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