Jenna Talackova lands on 2012 Miss Universe Canada Top 12, Sahar Biniaz declared winner

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Transgender beauty Jenna Talackova landed as one of the Top 12 semifinalists of the Miss Universe Canada 2012 beauty pageant on Saturday, May 19, 2012 in Toronto, while Sahar Biniaz from Vancouver, was declared the Miss Universe Canada 2012 winner.

Jenna Talackova Sahar Biniaz

Transgender beauty Jenna Talackova and Miss
Universe Canada 2012 winner Sahar Biniaz

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As announced at the official website of Miss Universe Canada on Saturday night, 26-year old Sahar Biniaz, who was born in India and raised in Iran, won the Miss Universe Canada 2012 crown and beat 61 other candidates including Jenna Talackova.

According to Biniaz‘s profile at, she graduated with honors from Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles in performing arts and currently works as film and TV actress. Sahar will be representing Canada in the 2012 Miss Universe beauty pageant to be held in mid-December.

Meanwhile, Talackova, who was earlier disqualified from the competition after Miss Universe Canada organizers learned that she is not “naturally born female” but was reconsidered later, landed as one of the Top 12 semifinalists in the said beauty competition.

Talackova, 23, stands 6’1″, who admitted earlier she began hormone therapy at 14 and underwent sɛxual reassignment surgery at 19, also won as Miss Congeniality, tied with three other candidates, Kylee Apers, Maria Julia Nahri, and Maria Cecilia Nicolas.

“As soon as I was conscious, I just always knew that I was not what they were saying. It wasn’t right. I thought that I was in the wrong body.” Talackova was quoted as saying in a Barbara Walters exclusive interview last month, noting her name used to be Walter when she was still a male.

Meanwhile, Adwoa Yamoah won as the 1st runner-up, Majd Soudi as 2nd runner-up, Katie Starke as 3rd runner-up, Kesiah Papasin as 4th runner-up, and Ela Mino as Miss Photogenic, with Miss Universe Canada 2012 winner Sahar Biniaz also winning the Revlon Professional Best Hair.

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