Jenn Sterger Finally Speaks about Brett Favre’s Alleged Scandalous Photos

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Jenn Sterger
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Jenn Sterger, former Jet’s game-day host, finally speaks about Brett Favre’s alleged scandalous photos. This was disclosed by sports news sites April 10, 2011.

Brett Favre, Jet’s retired quarterback, has been slapped with a $50,000 fine in 2008 by the NFL for refusing to cooperate fully in the investigation of the case. Sterger said she kept her peace for several months, and all she wanted was to work, but the news about Favre’s photos was never put to rest, which prompted her to speak up.

Sterger, has said that she did not make money out of the whole brouhaha and that “It was humiliating” for her. Sterger’s lawyer stated in an interview, when the case was just starting, that Sterger

“does not want to be known as Brett Favre’s “text woman.”

A two-part interview of Jenn Sterger with “Good Morning America” will reveal more truth about Favre’s scandal, which was published on line, stating that Favre sent Sterger explicit pictures and voicemails. Favre admitted having sent voicemails, but not nude photos.

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