Jasmine Revolution: Chinese Government Moves to Block Internet Campaign for Protest

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The Jasmine Revolution had made the Chinese government quick to respond as they move to block Internet access and disperse groups in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. International news reports, February 19, 2011, are picking up the story even as activists are warned and some people arrested.

Although news from the Middle East crises has been banned from the Chinese, certain persons were able to gain access to it. A message at Boxun.com has encouraged people to take to the streets and shout their need for food and work. Boxun an English-Chinese website claimed that they have no idea who posted it. Later, Boxun.com could no longer be accessed, so with other methods of communication like text messaging, Twitter and Facebook.

The Jasmine Revolution was perhaps inspired by the Middle East success in toppling down their authoritarian government,   Police authorities though were evidently increased and the media’s transmission of news was also disconnected.

Looking back at the history of Chinese uprisings, there were very few which succeeded, like the Boxers Rebellion in 1911, which brought down China’s imperial dynasty. From then on, protests in China became non-existent as government tried to show the world that communism is the best ideology.

The success of Egypt and Tunisia however is now smeared by the use of force by government troops in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain to quell the protests. China, on the other hand, is vigilant and watchful, and those in power can do this easily because they have crucial control over media and communication in China.

The Jasmine Revolution has apparently been squelched before it has even gained momentum. But there are technology and computer savvy geniuses among the youth of China, who knows what they can come up with?

In the meantime, China’s President Hu Jintao, called for those in government to “solve prominent problems…”in their areas.  A call that should be taken seriously by people concerned, or they would suffer the consequences of a brewing protest, which may start small at first, but can grow astronomically within a few hours.

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